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Account Trax Sales

Accounting For Sales Traders


  • Secure, web-based system that gives you easy access to your data

  • User-friendly tools for account and commission management

  • One accurate and complete view of your orders and trades from many complex sources

  • Customizable views to help you evaluate the profitability of your accounts, traders, and execution venues

  • Follows your bottom line, takes into account user and execution charges, then determines your net

  • Produces professional invoices to enhance your firm's image with your clients

  • Filterable summary information provides a quick snapshot of where your company stands for the day, week, month, and year

  • Understands your CSA needs and manages your tri-party agreements

  • Exception support staff that understands your business and our underlying technologies

  • AccountTrax is designed by QEL Systems Services with over 35 combined years of experience in the technology and financial services industries.

AccountTrax is your competitive edge.

QEL’s AccountTrax combines Commission Management, Execution Cost Management (ECM),
and Expense Management to provide Complete Profit Analysis for your Firm, Clients, and Traders.

AccountTrax Sales is the missing piece that every trading firm needs. Whether you are a Broker/Dealer, Professional/High Frequency Trader, or Buy-Side firm, the one piece of the puzzle that is consistently missing is cost analysis. Your OMS doesn’t do it; your EMS doesn’t do it; Clearing systems don’t do it; and neither does your TCA provider. AccountTrax is the perfect “plug-in” to complete your trading system.

Supporting multiple asset classes, managing a wide variety of expenses, and the ability to capture data in real-time makes AccountTrax the most complete cost analysis tool on the market! Real-time cost analysis provides a firm with information while an order is being worked, allowing for adjustments to the trading strategy to minimize costs and maximize profit.

Account/Commission Management:
AccountTrax built-in tools make managing client accounts easy and hassle-free with front end user controls. Advanced commission rules make it possible to account for sliding-scales, caps, and Equity/Option-specific rates. Accounts can be assigned multiple primary sales traders for visibility permissions as well as management performance reviews. Customizable, account-specific cover pages give clients a professional invoice particular to their liking.

Charge Management:
All fees associated with executions (Exchange Fees & Rebates), Broker, SmartRouter, EMS/OMS, Networks and other costs incurred as part of facilitating business are calculated in real-time and broken down in a variety of ways; including per trading desk, trader, order, and per trade basis. This data is compiled into trader and management reports which help highlight profitability on all levels within your firm.

Expense Management:
Users can manage monthly expenses like Exchange Membership fees and Travel & Entertainment, etc. These expenses can be allocated across client accounts and/or in-house traders.

Multi-Assett Class:
Equity and Options data is managed by a single application, simplifying client invoicing and reports for clients that trade in multiple asset classes. A single consolidated invoice can include both Equity and Options data or two separate invoices can be created.

Multi-Currency Support:
All apsects of the system support multi-currency; including commissions, exchange fees & rebates, charge management, expense management, and CSA.

CSA / Soft Dollar Management:
Provides transparency for CSA agreements between you and your client. AccountTrax tallies CSA commissions and payouts to manage an account balance for each Soft Dollar client. Professional reports are available to summarize your firm’s CSA activity.

Trader Credits:
AccountTrax automatically “credits” your traders based on the accounts they manage. Accounts can be shared between multiple traders and the house. Commissions and/or charges are allocated based on pre-defined rules. Allocations are done for each order, and then summarized by account, trader, desk, and firm.

Report / Invoice Generation:
AccountTrax reporting engine consolidates and summarizes all aspects of your data and presents the results in a wide variety of reports supported in both PDF and XLS format. These include reports on commissions, charges, accounts, traders, compliance and daily recaps which can be distributed to clients via email direct from AccountTrax or utilized by management for an overview of the business.

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