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Accounting For Professional Traders


AccountTrax Pro is a transaction cost analysis tool geared towards Professional and High Frequency Traders and Buy-Side firms trying to minimize trade costs or target rebates available in the market.

  • Multi-Asset class support

  • Real-time calculations of commissions and exchange fees & rebates.

  • Automated Calculation of Clearing, Route, EMS, and Broker Charges.
  • Cost-Adjusted Profit and Loss Calculations.

  • “Net Money” Calculations Show the true value of a transaction.

  • Detailed Analysis Reports, Graphs and Tools.


AccountTrax is the missing piece that every
Professional Trading Firm needs.

AccountTrax is the missing piece that every Professional trading firm needs. Whether you are a Professional Trader, High Frequency Trader, or Buy-Side firm, the one piece of the puzzle that is consistently missing in your P&L assessment is cost analysis. Your OMS does not do it; your EMS does not do it; and neither does your TCA provider. AccountTrax is the perfect “plug-in” to complete your professional trading system.

Supporting multiple asset classes and managing a wide variety of expenses, including the ability to calculate Exchange Fees & Rebates for Equities, Options and ETFs for every US trading venue in real-time, , makes AccountTrax the most complete cost analysis tool on the market! Real-time cost analysis provides a trader with information while an order is being worked, allowing him to adjust his trading strategy to minimize costs. After the fact, it provides the trader with an extremely accurate assessment of his Profit and Loss.

Charge Management:
All fees associated with executions (Exchange Fees & Rebates), Broker, SmartRouter, EMS/OMS, Networks and other costs incurred as part of facilitating business are calculated in real-time and broken down in a variety of ways; including per trading desk, trader, order, and per trade basis. This data is compiled into trader and management reports which help highlight profitability on all levels within your firm.

Profit and Loss:
AccountTrax combines low-latency, real-time data capture with a state of the art charge calculator to provide a true reflection of P&L. Standard P&L tools simply include the value of Buys & Sells and report the net difference. AccountTrax goes beyond “the standard” to incorporate the cost of execution on both sides of the transaction. Whether you are executing directly on an exchange, trading through a downstream broker or using a Smart Router/ALGO, or a combination to execute your trades, AccountTrax will calculate all of your downstream charges providing the most accurate assessment of your profitability. This level of accuracy is crucial for a Professional or High Frequency Trader.

Trader Management:
AccountTrax captures data from your OMS or EMS in real-time (End of Day is also available) and automatically associates orders and trades with a specific trader. Based on your firm’s preferences, each trader has visibility only into his account. The data is layered such that desk leads and upper management have visibility into all of the traders under them providing the ability to analyze profitability at every level.

Multi-Currency Support:
AccountTrax manages all data in their native currencies and normalizes to a single currency for analysis

Report Generation:
AccountTrax reporting engine consolidates and summarizes all aspects of your data and presents the results in a wide variety of reports supported in both PDF and XLS format. These include reports on charges, traders, and P&L which can be distributed via email direct to individual traders from AccountTrax or utilized by management for an overview of the business.

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